Azienda agricola Russa dei Boschi
Azienda agricola Russa dei Boschi
Organic Extra Virgin  Olive Oil
Azienda agricola Russa dei Boschi
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Azienda agricola Russa dei Boschi
The Family has always produced the Organic Extra-Vergin Olive oil and accounts among its olive plantations even olive trees aged four hundred years. The Tenue and Agricultural Holding “Russa dei Boschi” has been a property of the Polizzi family for well four generations and ever since they have been producing finest quality extra virgin olive oil, highly appreciated by the more demanding gourmets and designated to spread out into the world the Sicilian tradition and authenticity
The whole stage of production and collection, exclusively hand-made by the first qundicina of the month of October, checked up at the arrival to the oil mill where the olives are milled within the same day or at most the next day to the collection. The processing is done with a last-generation plant, which controls every phase of the process, with particular attention to the processing temperatures that never exceed 27°C, which is important and essential to the achievement of the certification “cold Extracted”.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil after the extraction stopping for five days in silos of transit of stainless steel, for a natural decantation, before going into storage silos where the oil is stored in the absence of oxygen using Argon, an inert gas, for food, that by the removal of oxygen prevents the harmful oxidation, thus preserving in time the qualitative characteristics of oil. Before storage in the silos, the oil is subjected to Chemical Analysis by accredited laboratories at the international level.
The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Azienda agricola Russa dei Boschi

The milling is made by cold pressing inside traditional crushers, squeezing in presses and natural settling, obtaining thus an oil which, not being exposed to high temperatures, maintains unaltered its benefic and healthy properties.

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Azienda agricola Russa dei Boschi
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